Advanced Interconnections

Partnership Overview

Advanced Interconnections combines 35 plus years of innovative design engineering experience with an extensive Tool Box of in-house technologies and components to create customized solutions for high-reliability electronic applications. Sockets & adaptors, terminals & test jacks are a few of its key products.


Scope of partnership

V5 semiconductors and Advanced Interconnections partnered in November 2018. According to the agreement, v5 Semiconductors will distribute Advanced Interconnections’ products in India as one of its value-added distributors.



Since 1982, Advanced Interconnections has been recognized as a leading designer and manufacturer of innovative, technologically advanced interconnect solutions.


Value prospective

Advanced Interconnections designs its solutions keeping in view its customers’ requirements to create a customized solution that adds value and reduces their time-to-market from prototype through production.

Product Industries

Advanced Interconnections’designs are used in electronic applications around the world in fields like telecommunication, military, automotive development, high-end computer servers, medical equipment, and more.

Target Segment

Advanced Interconnections’ design and manufacturing facility is located in Rhode Island of the USA’s Boston. It has representatives and distributors in over 35 countries worldwide.

Why V5 semiconductors?

V5 semiconductors satisfies its customers by meeting their individual quality and delivery requirements, while continuously expanding our tie-ups with overseas companies.

About Partner’s Product Lines

Advanced Interconnections produces a wide variety of connectors, sockets, adapters, terminals, and application-specific interconnect designs for electronic applications.