About service overview

V5 semiconductors serves the customers for detailed PCB design with schematics and guides through production of  PCB Fabrication & PCB Assembly along with the complete supply chain requirement for any client. Our strength is quality service and customer requisite is our top priority.

Our distribution wing takes care of components requirement of the complete BOM (Bill of Material) and we do handholding in case of any part is found missing or any discrepancy due to overlook appears. We take account of Component Engineering, Reverse Engineering, and serve them with the best possible solutions. We are trying to be of value association to our clients by means of precise solutions all at one place.

Our key services


Component Library Services helps the users to select the designed electronic components for specific product and its documentation purpose. We support in Footprint and symbol library creation, Update and maintenance of PCB. Library structure setup for network configuration and various settings of project.


Schematic Development that suits the client is prepared, using abstract, graphic symbols to highlight the relevant information used to convey to the manufacturer.


We possess PCB Board Design Skills, and have IPC certified core PCB design team. High Speed Analog and Digital Designs Single layer, Double Sided and Multilayer (Unlimited Layers) PCBs as well as High speed, multi-layer digital PCB designs – Bus routing, differential pairs, matched lengths are available with us.


High Speed PCB Layout services with detailed design for layout, packaging, layer stack up, interconnections etc to match the standards you follow.


Reverse Engineering, we can help in case of non availability of product, or production of similar product, duplicating an existing component, subassembly.


SI Analysis for the quality of electric signal, its voltage, and fluctuations, which needs examination for system and devices to run flawlessly.


IPC standard or custom specifications of Electronics as per the need. We attempt to meet the Standard Attributes & Custom Attributes. We provide the 3D modeling of components, for better view and modification of design.


Correct Land Patterns to IPC-7351 Compliance for manufacturing processes of electronics industry. Documenting a design standard for existing and new Land Patterns.


Supply High Density SMT Designs for producing electronic circuits.


Production yield optimization in HDI Design builds, for faster transmission and reduction in signal loss.HDI Designs with micro vias and advanced materials – Via-in-Pad, laser micro vias, ALIVH (Any-Layer Inner Via Hole) technology.

Why V5 semiconductors?

We offer Distribution & Design Services for PCB right from the concept to production, PCB Assembly Services and Fabrication support through aligned Partners.

Our professional approach provides solutions to all your electronic needs; we shorten the design cycles for faster and improved production, and provide complete support and prototypes for any amount of quantity.

We manufacture BLE 4.2(Bluetooth Module) its power consumption is low and service is inbuilt.

Industries we serve are Aerospace & Defense, Industrial, Telecommunication, Railways, and Medical & Automotive.

Technology expertise

V5 semiconductors has latest licensed Tool for PCB design from Cadence, expertise in manual reworking of boards especially during hardware debug. We understand the requirements and offer the quality products from various countries like Taiwan, UK, and Poland for industrial growth.

We have skills for Schematic Development, PCB Board Designing,

Our team has technical knowledge combined with the willingness to serve clients for value added advantage.

Technology Partners

From association and partnership with these companies, V5 semiconductors an Indian company, brings you at your door stop the best quality and cost competitive products on time for industrial requirements in small and large quantities.


Golledge a UK based electronics manufacturer has vast range of Frequency Control Products, Voltage and Temperature Stability, Low Power Consumer Oscillators, Real Time Clocks, Crystal Filters, and many other products.


Huang Liang Technologies is Taiwan based ISO 9001:2015 certified OEM manufacturer. It has expertise in design and development of RF products. It offers coaxial connectors, High Frequency RF Adapter, Precision adapters, Switch Connector, Reverse Polarity Connector, SMA and TNC connector, and cable assemblies.


TME is our one of the major partner and one of the biggest global distributors of Semiconductors, Embedded Systems, Optoelectronics, Transformers, Fans and Cooling Systems, Pneumatics, Computer Accessories. It is a Poland based ISO 9001:2009, and 14001:2005 certified company.


ViTek Display is ISO9001:2008 certificated Taiwan based manufacturer of character, graphic and industrial LCD display and has expertise in designing, development and manufacturing and customizing of ODM and OEM, LCMs.


ARS is a worldwide independent distributor of electronics and electro-mechanical components catering to the Military/Defense, Aerospace and Railway industries. It produces Mil standard hermitically sealed relays, timers and sensors, switches and semiconductors. ARS is source for hard to find and obsolete parts.


Farsens is an active provider of sensors in Asia, North America, Central America, South America, Europe, Africa, Australia and Oceania. It offers proprietary RFID ICs that are able to supply and communicate with external components. The RFID ICs harvest energy from the RF field created by RFID readers and use that power to drive sensors, actuators or other electronics effectively creating battery-free devices. It also manufactures battery free RFID sensors and BAP temperature sensors.


Switzerland’s Deltron specializes in production of small to medium quantities of high-quality connectors with wide and deep range of D-sub connectors, accessories such as connector hoods and high quality contacts. It offers connectors in various versions of high density, dual port, combination and filter connectors which are also available in press fit, SMT and water proof up to IP68.


Based in Germany, Fischer is a leading manufacturer of high-quality mechanical electronic components such as heat sinks, cooling system for semiconductors, housings thermally conductive material, cases and connectors etc.


Italy-based UTK component is an active designer and manufacturer of standard inductive components. Its product family includes pulse transformers, switching transformers, power transformers, pilot transformers, current sense transformers, Switching inductors, drive transformers, mode transformers, custom designed inductive components, high and low power switches etc.


With two manufacturing units in Switzerland and the US, Microprecision Electronics SA specialises in customized precision electro-mechanical components ranging from microswitches, limit switches, LED Indicator lights, metal foil resistors and mechanical sensors.


Advanced Interconnections is a leading designer and manufacturer of technologically advanced interconnect solutions. Its product line includes BGA socketing systems, IC sockets and adapters, board to board connectors and the world’s first removable terminal carrier, peel-a-way.


Scolmore is a leader in electrical accessory market in UK. Starting from basic functional moulded switches to sophisticated wiring solutions, its offering includes a complete range of wiring accessories. Scolmore’s IEC Lock offerings range from Lock + rewireable connectors, Outlets and Moulded Locking connectors.


Netsol is a fabless memory semiconductor design house in South Korea, established in 2010. It develops and sells high-standard non-commodity memory products.


Apacer Technology Inc. is a Taiwan-based multinational corporation that designs and markets consumer electronics, memory modules and digital storage hardware and software. It is a leading global supplier of solid-state drives (SSD) and consumer digital products.


NKK Switches is a leading designer and manufacturer of electromechanical switches. Based in Japan’s Kawasaki, it sets the standard for quality, stability and reliability in switches. It produces the industry’s most extensive selection of electromechanical switches.


Megnet is a global supplier of high-quality compatible networking products. Based in London, it supplies to distributors, network resellers and systems integrators.