Partnership Overview

ViTek a Taiwan based company formed in 2005, is ISO9001:2008 certificated manufacturer RoHs compliance since year 2006. It has partnered with V5 semiconductors a Bangalore based company for distribution of wide range of LCD display panels.


Scope of partnership

V5 semiconductors is associated with ViTek Display for sales and supply in India since Oct 2016.



ViTek is Market Leader in LCD Display Modules since 2005.


Region Covered

Exports are mainly to Australia, Austria, Belgium, France, Switzerland, and United Kingdom.


Value prospective

The launch and entry to market of ViTek included around 40 products. It entered Indian markets with target of growing to 300 crores company in just 3 years. Its strength is the strong marketing and distribution channels.

Product Industries

ViTek Display is Exporter, Manufacturer, ODM, and OEM. The Industrial and Graphic LCD modules have been in demand in industries such as for the measurement of instruments, Manufacturing, Automotive Display in Electric Vehicles, Electronic Panels, ATM terminals, PoS terminals, auto vending machines, and machine tool monitors, advanced imaging and colour reproduction technologies, the digital videos, video games, mobile phones, elevator displays, GPS, fish finders, POS systems, medical devices etc.


Digital videos


Mobile phones

medical device

Medical devices


Measurement instruments




Video games

Target Segment

Furthermore, to the current target segment the geographical distribution would include U.S., Germany, India, China, and Japan due to the global industrial LCD module market forecasts growth on very large scale.

ViTek brand has 100 standard product lines empowering to cater the needs of various sectors like Automation, Automobile, Banking, Retail, Corporate, Education, Electronics, Healthcare, Hospitality Manufacturing, Supply Chain, and Transportation.




Supply Chain









Why V5 semiconductors?

Our commitment to serve customers with our heart and soul, supply quality product, flexibility in delivery, convenient billing, and quick response are inbuilt in our culture. What more can you expect is the technical guidance to match the specific need and improve the user experience. Our strategic tie ups with the foreign based companies provide us means to know our customers better and customize the designs as per the customer preferences.

V5 semiconductors can meet the demands of Character, OLED, TFT, COG, Graphic LCD, Control Board, and AD Board of various sizes that will be needed for use and development of new technologies and progress of existing industries.

However professionally strong we are in implementing the processes from enquiry till delivery but we focus on customer requirement and customer experience for which pre and post purchase support teams will be at your service.

About Product Line Partners

ViTek serves the market with an extensive range of LCD display panels. The manufacturing capacity being huge is sufficient to manufacture and customize the designs. Continuous innovations in LCD modules, such as better display, longer battery life, and large storage, modules to survive in harsh environments, are creating potential opportunities for the growth of the market.

Focusing on customer requirements the R&D team of ViTek is in constant search for opportunities to best suit the user expectation giving them a complete and reliable product.

ViTek believes in delivering the best, it is possible with the knowledge and expertise in designing, development and manufacturing and customizing of ODM and OEM, LCMs.

AD Board

Character Module

Cog Module

Control Board

Custom LCD Module

Graphics Module

LCD Number Display

OLED Modules


TFT Module