Deltron AG

Partnership Overview

Based in Switzerland, Deltron AG specializes in the production of small to medium quantities of high-quality D-Sub connectors. Besides these connectors, it also produces a very wide and deep range of enclosures, accessories and contacts.


Scope of partnership

Since November 2018, V5 semiconductors has taken the responsibility of the distribution of Deltron’s products in India. V5 semiconductors is a value-added distributor to Deltron.


Region Covered

The company is currently operating in major countries of Asia, Europe, and America.



Founded in the year 1978, Deltron is ruling over the connector industry for the last four decades. It is the leading provider of standard connectors in various versions such as High Density, Dual Port, Combi and Filter D-Sub in the global market.


Value prospective

Deltron does not want to be the biggest but the best connector manufacturer in the world. It occupies 30-35% share of the D-Sub connector market in Switzerland.

Target Segment

Deltron basically targets the connector markets of Asia, Europe, and America. It has registered distributors to distribute its connectors, drive technology, peltier elements, EMC components, passive components / quartz, cable assembly and tools in these continents.

Why V5 semiconductors?

V5 semiconductors enables its clients to get the best components to maintain the best quality product and speed up the process of their products to reach the target markets. We not only distribute the components but also stock the items to serve our clients faster.

About Partner’s Product Lines

Deltron manufactures standard connectors in all versions and sizes. They are available in different versions with numerous fixings. The following are some of its major product offerings the D-Sub Connectors category.

Standard D-Sub, Filter D-Sub, High Density D-Sub, Combi D-Sub, Dual Port D-sub, Waterproof D-Sub, Custom D-Sub and adapters, BUS connection connector

Standard D-Sub

Filter D-Sub

High Density D-Sub

Combi D-Sub

Dual Port D-sub

Waterproof D-Sub

Custom D-Sub and adapters

D-Sub, punched contacts

BUS connection connector