UTK Component

Partnership Overview

Based in Northern Italy’s Noventa Vicentina city, UTK component is an active designer and manufacturer of standard inductive components. Established more than three decades ago, the company is playing in the international market as one of the leading inductive component providers.


Scope of partnership

V5 semiconductors has entered into a distribution agreement with UTK component for the Indian market since November 2018. V5 semiconductors is a value-added distributor to the Italian firm.



Since its inception in the year 1986, UTK component has been designing and producing inductive components and offering consolidated production techniques and innovative technological solutions to electronics and semiconductor majors.


Value prospective

By making continuous research on new technical and technological solutions, UTK component satisfies the most demanding designers worldwide with its wide range of inductive components.

Product Industries

UTK component’s high-frequency inductive components are designed to meet the requirements of the industrial and professional applications.

Why V5 semiconductors?

The constant evolution of semiconductor technology, the ever-increasing integration and the availability of new power electronic components have drastically increased the requirement for inductive components of superior performance. And V5 semiconductors takes the responsibility to bring the innovative and high-quality inductive components direct from the manufacturer to you.

About Partner’s Product Lines

UTK component specializes in the design and production of high-frequency inductive components for industrial and professional applications. The main product families are as follows: