ARS Electronics

Partnership Overview

ARS Electronics is a worldwide independent distributor of electronic components catering to the Military/Defense, Aerospace and Railway industries. Its products offering includes relays, connectors, switches and a full range of semiconductors.


Scope of partnership

V5 semiconductors has a distribution agreement with ARS Electronics for India since November 2018. V5 semiconductors is a value-added distributor to it.



For the past 15 years, ARS Electronics has been providing electronic components and solutions to the Military/Defense, Aerospace and Railway industries.


Value prospective

ARS Electronics is one of the most important sources for electronic components and solutions for hard-to-find and discontinued parts.

Product Industries

ARS Electronics produces numerous ready to ship Hi-Rel parts including relays, latching relays, integrated circuits, diodes, transistors, connectors, timers, sensors and many more for the Military/ Defense, Aerospace and Railway industries.







Why V5 semiconductors?

We help the OEMs, ODMs, R&D LABS bring their products to the market and reach to the target customers with a well-mechanized distribution channel. Headquartered in Bengaluru, we are strategically located in Hyderabad and Chennai, which enables us to reach the customers rapidly. At present, we cater the B2B needs in these major cities and looking to provide B2C services in near future.