Digitalization in Modern Electronics Manufacturing

As the demand for new technology products is increasing every day at an unprecedented rate, electronics manufacturers are depending on digitization and automation to address the challenges of customization, complexities compliance and customer expectations for high-performing products. Since the digital revolution is drastically transforming the manufacturing industry, electronics manufacturers are in an urge to adopt emerging technologies and smart devices to improve efficiency, connectivity and productivity.

Digital transformation is hitting every field of the electronics manufacturing industry. Leveraging innovative digital technologies, manufacturers are improving operations, whilst changing ways they design, manufacture and supply products and provide post-sale services to customers.

Digitization not only streamlines processes but also saves money and time.

The following are some of the major transformations it can bring to electronics manufacturing:

  • Manufacturers can make their processes more agile, efficient and customer-focused by implementing smart technologies like robotics, artificial intelligence, analytics and Internet of Things (IoT).
  • IoT is introducing smart technologies that are greatly improving and streamlining the manufacturing process. The global market for IoT technologies is growing at an exceptional pace and is estimated to touch a trillion dollars by 2020.
  • Electronic contract manufactures can provide a better purchasing experience to their customers by implementing information and communication technologies in different stages of manufacturing.
  • Weaknesses and bottlenecks in the production chain can be identified whilst enabling more effective communication with the supply chain.
  • Manufacturers who produce high-tech electronic products can benefit from cloud computing and high-performance computing (HPC)-enabled CAD (computer-aided design) and CAE (computer-aided engineering) software. They help refine their accuracy and fidelity.
  • Rigorous quality management and control can be achieved by implementing the best-fit technologies for a business.
  • Electronic contract manufacturers can invest less and gain more profits by adopting high-end digital technologies.
  • Smart manufacturing technologies enable manufacturers to have better planning and faster production and supply chain processes.
  • Digital technologies are poised to change everything and give manufacturers a competitive edge in the market.


The ever-changing consumer tastes and the augmented pace of new product introduction in the market are placing heavier demands for new and innovative electronic products than ever before. Not just manufacturing, digitization possesses the potential to revitalize every stage of the electronics supply chain starting from planning to sourcing, production, delivery, return and after-sales. The electronics manufacturing industry is witnessing massive growth and will continue to, as manufacturers are now embracing the digital age.

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