What’s Fueling Embracing of AI in Consumer Electronics Industry?

The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to boost processes, productivity and consumer experience is becoming more and more prevalent in every sector including healthcare, manufacturing, education, telecommunication, transportation and others; consumer electronics (CE) has not been aloof from this transformation. Consumer electronics are electronic devices intended to bring ease in our everyday life; they can be devices used for communication, entertainment and home-office activities. Today, the global CE industry is thriving because of three major innovations: business intelligence and analytics; autonomous business processes; and AI-powered solutions.

AI, Internet of Things (IoT), and Machine Learning (ML) have immensely impacted the processes in the CE Industry. Constant demand by consumers for better, bigger and personalized experience has led to innovation of new products and adoption of such latest technologies in the industry. Apart from being cheaper and user-friendly, these products are capable of capturing the attention of users and deliver exceptional user experiences.

Let’s discuss the factors influencing the adoption of AI in the CE industry.

Explosion of data

Thanks to data analytics, that manufacturers of consumer electronics have finally been able to tap the opportunity that data provides them. Data analytics helps them discover the desires of their consumers by analyzing enormous amount of data including images, audio files and videos. This data plays a vital role in making better neural networks (a basic part of AI) which makes deep learning possible. The actionable insights and intelligence gleaned for data push the consumer electronics manufacturers leverage AI to better satisfy their customers.

Accessibility to specialized hardware

Advancements in hardware have given the CE industry the much-needed support for faster, efficient and more accurate AI processing. Today, they have access to faster hardware powered by arrays of specialized processors including graphics processing units, neural network processing units, field programmable gate arrays, application-specific integrated circuits backed by frameworks to distribute workloads and do faster computations in real-time.

Ever-changing consumer demand

In their day to day life, consumers interact with many devises and apps that are powered by AI. They expect a similar or better experience from other consumer electronics too. The ever-changing consumer demand has made it necessary for consumer electronics manufacturers to infuse AI with emotions so that it can identify consumer needs and communicate solutions conversationally, across interfaces. The industry is continuously striving to produce better, simpler and more user-centric products that are powered by AI.


Making technology the core, AI is revolutionizing the CE industry. In years to come, AI will be infused into almost every application and devices starting from wristwatch to television bringing more ease in our home and office life. The changing consumer taste and demand for innovative features in electronics products are the key driver of adoption of AI in CE devises.

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