7 Reasons Why Consumer Electronics Manufacturers Should Onboard Industry 4.0

The demands for smartphones, tablets and other consumer gadgets have reached new highs. And time is money when most of the brands want to introduce several new models every year.

Manufacturing facilities are running 24*7 to meet the targets and the assembly lines are constantly busy introducing new products. This is high time for the consumer electronics manufacturers to leverage Industry 4.0 to smarten the factory processes that can reduce pressure by increasing efficiency and help them gain a competitive edge.

Here are the 9 reasons why the consumer electronics manufacturers should adopt Industry 4.0 practices

Higher Efficiency

With more automation and less manpower, companies can keep efficiency high by making decisions faster. Automation and AI reduce machine downtime and help you produce more products. Automation also tends to keep the quality of the products high, which is an area that further boosts competence.

Better Traceability

Today’s processes are mostly semiautomatic in their nature. With smart and inter-linked tools, manufacturers can improve the traceability of manufacturing processes. And the data collected from the tools will help them explore new opportunities for improvement that were not visible before.

Cost Reduction

Industry 4.0 requires initial investments, once the intelligence is built into the processes, the costs will plummet. When most of the tasks of your factory are automated and smart electric tools are used in manufacturing and assembling of electronics, there is less physical stress for the operators. While the data will be helpful for optimizing each individual’s work progress, automation will reduce onsite injuries of employees saving you cost.


Post launch of the campaign, the Union Health Ministry has rolled out many healthcare related schemes giving opportunities for growth to the sector as well as its stakeholders. eHealth is an essential project under the Digital India initiative that aims to tackle the deficit of over 1.5 million doctors in the country. Numerous digital platforms have been launched for creating online access to pharmacies, doctors, information on health issues, knowledge about health insurance etc.


Confidentiality is a serious topic for the consumer electronics industry, surrounded by market expectations and secrecy. In a digitalized industry 4.0 factory environment, encrypted data flows and secure networks are essential parameters to ensure trust and reliability.


Data-driven insights make it possible for you to trace which operator has worked on which task, which tools were used and where the error occurred. Thus it saves a lot of time which you use to spend guessing and finding errors.

Reduced Assembly Tasks

Since these manufacturers work under high time pressure to roll out new products and beat their competitors, a smart assembly solution set up right next to the manufacturing facility will significantly reduce the burdens and ease up the assembly process.

Customer Experience

In addition, Industry 4.0 can also revolutionize the service and maintenance sector. Inter-linked and smart tools can enable a supplier to provide customers with predictive maintenance. Manufacturers can prove customers better service as quick response and deep information on products and its functions are available with Industry 4.0.


Consumer electronics manufacturers who implement the decentralized intelligent production approach of Industry 4.0 are the ones who will be able to compete profitably in the ever demanding global markets.

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