Role of Local Distributors in ESDM Eco System

India is anticipated to be one of the largest electronics market in the world by 2025. The Indian Electronics industry is driven several factors such as the raise in the disposable income, the growing middle class populace, and more.

To meet the demands of the growing consumer need, and initiatives such as ‘The Digital India’, we need to take crucial and concrete steps towards strengthening the electronic sector.

With the implementation of effective schemes and programmes under the aegis of the National Policy of Electronics 2012 (NPE 2012), a base has been laid for a competitive Indian ESDM value chain.

The ESDM industry in fact provides enormous prospects for both investors as well as stakeholders, but the one who understands both sides of the market are the distributors.

It is important to understand the market trend, the growth drivers and the challenges that lie in front of us, to get a competitive edge in this industry, and it is the local distributors in the ESDM sector who can help us with it all.

Role of Local Distributors in the ESDM Sector

In the current scenario when India is quickly progressing towards becoming a prominent developed economy in the world, many are there who question the of role of distributors in helping the economy to boost.

Their argument is that if a manufacturer’s ultimate goal is to be efficient in manufacturing quality products, wouldn’t it be wise to cut out on the middlemen and divert the resources to quality and production?

The truth is that distributors have a lot to contribute to make ESDM market thrive.

Here are some points highlighting the importance of distributors in the ESDM eco system

Should be able to help fill the gap

Distributors are the ones who can expedite the response time be it from the manufacturer’s end or consumers. They can create value added packages, that complement the company’s line of products.

A Distributor should also be an expert

Usually people think that distributors only take orders and stock shelves. However, in reality distributors usually are armed with technical experts who have the know-how to deal with issues such as specifying and sizing components, troubleshooting failures and more.

Help in lowering the costs

A local distributor should have the knowledge and the required data to help clients in lowering the costs. In general, the local distributors have several clients, which empowers them to bundle up components into turnkey systems.

For example, if a distributor is helping in selling pumps, couplings, and mechanical seals, they can then design a complete package. This will help in streamlining delivery, and also lower the costs.


The ESDM sector in our country has thrived quite a lot due to the initiatives taken by the various state governments in the past two to three years. This type of initiative will stimulate interest among the international players as well.

However, we must also consider the role of local distributors in this market. They are the ones who have a key role in making this sector profitable, and employment hive in the future.

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